"A True Friend Leaves Paw Prints On Your Heart."

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About Us

Here at Peaceful Heights Westies, we specialize in West Highland Terriers. 

We truly adore this breed for so many reasons. Wether you are a first time dog owner, a family with other 4-legged family members or children - the West Highland Terrier breed is an excellent option for you. 

Loyal, loving, intelegent and playful are only some of their best traits! 

Socialization: We believe socializing starts with the breeder, which is why we make socialzing our puppies a priorty with our family and children involved. This helps your puppy adjust better after you bring them home, and allows them to have less stress during their transition period. 

Health: We know how important it is for each family to bring home the healthiest and happiest puppy, which is why we carefully select our Mom and Dad dogs to ensure they healthiest puppies possible. We care about their vetrineranry care, their food and their enviorment. 

Finding A Forever Home: We care about the personality traits that are important to you and your family when picking out a new puppy, as well as the best home for each of our puppies. This is why we take the time to answer all of your questions, provide information on our puppies and their parents, temperaments and health, and promise to keep in touch even after you bring home your new puppy. 

We encourage all of our customers to make the drive out and visit our puppies in person, however we understand this isn't always possible due to distance. This is why we work with a reputable ground transportation team who is able to work directly with you and deliver your puppy to your door. 

We ask that you reach out by phone call if you have questions about our current availalbe puppies, future litters or any questions you have. 

We look forward to hearing from you and we cannot wait for you to meet our precious Westies!